Bulan rows on a crew team. Her team rows their boat at a split (rate) of 2 min/500 m.What is Bulan’s team’s rowing rate in m/min ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:250Step-by-step explanation:If Bulan's team rows their boat at a rate of 2 minutes per 500 meters, they row at a rate of 1 minute per 250 meters. We know this because 1 minute is 12 of 2 minutes, and in this time, they will have to have rowed 12 the distance they would row in 2minutes ( 500m). 12 of 500 is 250. So, we now have the rate in min/m.If, every 1 minute, Bulan's team rows 250 meters, this means that every 250 meters, they have rowed for 1 minute.Bulan's team's rowing rate in m/min is 250m/ 1min.